Everyone has observed the Town Halls and subsequent analysis and debates on TV.  The derisive labels given to those voicing concerns over this bill  are most telling of this administration’s lack of understanding and desire to represent “we the people.”  One only has to look at past statements by key administration officials a few years ago, when they were opposing the Bush administration, to see the level of hypocrisy and their lack of respect for those in opposition to their views.

Based on Obama’s Town Halls, one would think this plan is exactly what the doctor ordered!  There is no substitution for knowing the facts and understanding the full implications of this bill. 

Questions we should be asking: 

Cost:  how do we really cover the 1.3 trillion 10-year cost of this bill – tax increases, medicare cuts, improving efficiencies? Is it really only 1.3 trillion – most government programs are grossly over budget and eventually bankrupt.  Obama’s own example of the post office tells us private enterprise is more efficient and cost effective than a government run program. 

Rationing:  do we have enough doctors and facilities for a huge influx of patients?  Will seniors really keep the same level of care?  Will services be rationed based on a cost/benefit analysis? Does the government make these decisions?

Private Healthcare:   will we really have a choice?  What happens in year 5? Can private insurance compete with cost undercutting by the government?  Will employers switch to a cheaper, government option?  Do our officials ultimately want a single payer system?  What are their past statements?

Philosophy:  What is the attitude about beginning of life and end of life care?  Are abortions covered as “healthcare” even though not specifically addressed in the bill?  Why won’t congress agree to an amendment that specifically eliminates abortion coverage? Will seniors be counseled on the appropriate time to “exit” this life?  Should we be forced to carry health insurance, and with mandated criteria?  Why should we pay for illegal aliens to be covered?  Is health care a right under our constitution? 

The answers to these questions leads me to say NO to Obamacare.  We need to scrap this bill and start over with some common sense reform to our current healthcare system, instead of creating a new government bureacracy. 

Read this review from The Heritage Foundation.  Top 10 reasons Obamacare is Wrong for America.

Read this debate from Keith Hennessey.  Debating the President’s Portsmouth Pitch.

Read this article from Rep. Tom Price, 6th Congressional District of Georgia.

Keep contacting your respresentatives and voicing your concerns.  The latest poll numbers show that grassroots America is having an effect on this bill.  Contact the “blue dog democrats” who may be on the fence, while they are home on recess.