We are hearing a lot of conflicting information about the healthcare bill and what’s in it.  It’s important to read for ourselves and find out why this bill is so egregious to Americans ~ how it will affect our health care, life and liberty.  Here is a good, comprehensive review by Liberty Counsel, who should know how to wade through the “legaleze” in this document.  Check out their website here.

Read an Overview:

Click here for an overview, by section and page number, of the major issues in the document.  As said on the Liberty Counsel website, when they originally saw a review of the document, it was so shocking they didn’t believe it was accurate.  What they found in their review was alarming and thus want to share with people.

Compare With the Actual Healthcare Bill:

Click here to read the actual text in the bill – HR3200, directly from the government website.  Compare the points in the overview to the actual language in the bill and see for yourself!

A “public option” the gateway to total government takeover of healthcare?  Government access to our bank accounts?  End of life consultations and orders?  Expanded tax payer funded abortion?  Rationing of Medicare to Seniors?  Rationing determined by the government?  Enormous expense during a recession?  Funded by who?

Plain and simple – the government needs to stay out of our healthcare and our bank accounts. The government cannot effectively run Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, which are all bankrupt.  They couldn’t run Cash for Clunkers for more than a week, without more money!  Read the Constitution ~ there is no right to healthcare.

Let your representatives know where you stand!  While they are home for August recess, attend Town Hall meetings, send emails or faxes.  The Administration is now calling us “an angry mob” or “Astroturf” ~ fake protesters organized by Republicans, just because we dare question and oppose this bill?  And now, “report fishy emails” to the White House??  The best way to counter these attacks is to arm ourselves with the facts and ask pointed questions. 

This is possibly the most destructive piece of legislation I have seen in my lifetime.