This week the Senate is supposed to vote on the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.  After watching much of the confirmation hearings, I was rather dismayed at the entire charade.  With the media, and many politicians, already declaring this an easy confirmation, it appeared pre-determined to be a lackluster, “soft peddle the questions” kind of process. 

Judge Sotomayor remained vague, wouldn’t commit to her position on a number of issues, and said whatever was necessary to get confirmed.  In other words, she lied, plain and simple. 

 1) Explaining her “Latina woman” remark – we misunderstood her?  She made this comment on several occasions over the years – not much to misunderstand about plain English.  The appeals courts are where policy is made?  That’s exactly what we’re afraid of!  It seems pretty obvious to me she fully intends to make policy once she is appointed.

 2)  She sat on the Board of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund for 12 years and never read any of the briefs they filed?  She had no idea what their agenda was as it relates to abortion?  Some of the most radical, pro-abortion ideas including tax payer funding for abortion as a “right” under the Constitution were things she was unaware of?  She has never really thought about and developed an opinion on the rights of the unborn?  How stupid does she think we are?

 3)  She couldn’t recall any gun rights cases ruled on by the Supreme Court that would establish individual gun ownership as a 2nd Amendment right under the Constitution?  The landmark case of District of Columbia vs. Heller was just decided a year ago establishing an individual’s right to bear arms for self defense, and she doesn’t know about it? 

 This is an outrage and she should not be confirmed.  There is no reason Republicans should be “giving” her the appointment as a trade off for Souter as if it’s somehow “owed” to Obama to cooperate.  This is certainly not the tactic we have seen when a conservative judge has gone through the confirmation process, where all manner of slander, lies and ruthlessness have been unleashed.  This is an appointment for LIFE, and if she is confirmed, I believe it will be yet another betrayal of the American people for the sake of political maneuvering.