Today the official sale of Chrysler to Fiat was announced. This is a politics vs. a free market, rule of law bankruptcy.  The union comes out on top, not the legal line of creditors.  Noteworthy is the UAW’s contributons from 2000-2008;  $23.7 million to Democrats and $193,540 to Republicans.  

The GM bankruptcy is next, and the terms even more aggregious.  Why do we care?  This is gross government intrusion into the private sector, and a violation of our Constitution.   The tax payers are ultimately funding the political favors to the UAW.   Do we really think we will ever see any of the bailout money put back in our pockets??

Newt Gingrich wrote a great article on the subject.  To read, click here.

Call or email your Congressman and Senators to express your opposition and outrage over the GM bankruptcy “deal” by clicking here.