The hot issue over the summer will be the government’s plan to overhaul our healthcare system.  I believe this will be the defining issue in this country.  The government running our lives, or empowering the individual to take care of himself.   Mediocre healthcare given to everyone, or world class healthcare available to everyone. 

The government’s plans include a government managed healthcare option, which many fear will ultimately become the only option available.  An alternative plan has been proposed by Republicans called “The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009.”  This plan aims to reduce waste, address tort reform, and move to individual managed healthcare that is affordable through tax credits and portable regardless of your employment .   Please take the time to read through it here

Do we really want the government managing a massive healthcare system?  Has the government ever run any program effectively? Do we want the government to pass such a bill quickly, without proper debate?  Do we remember the Stimulus Bill, which no one read because we had to act immediately or the country would fall apart? Do we know what national healthcare is like in other countries?  Do we have a “cradle to grave” mentality, or do we love individual rights and liberty? Who will pay for government healthcare given to everyone, including illegal aliens? 

Take a look at our “quote of the month” from Thomas Jefferson in the upper left corner.

Please get involved and let your representatives in Washington hear from you on this crucial issue.

Stay tuned for more information as this debate evolves.