Who are we, and Why start this blog?

We are a group of normal, hard working, middle class citizens on the north side of Atlanta, GA who have become increasingly alarmed at the actions of our government. Five of us decided to attend the April 15th Tea Party in downtown Atlanta.  This was the first time any of us had ever attended any type of public demonstration or event like this.  We were surprised and encouraged by what we saw. 

The coverage in the mainstream media was not a correct depiction of who attended and what we are all about.  The verbal attack on a Tea Party attendee in Chicago by a CNN reporter was a disturbing example of the lack of fair and balanced news coverage.  This is a grass roots movement of ordinary citizens from all walks of life, not a bunch of disgruntled, lunatic, rich white Republican extremists. 

We are alarmed at the increasing size and scope of our Federal government, the massize spending and borrowing, the unprecedented bailouts and control of private sector industries, the government intrusion into our lives and resulting loss of liberty, and the ever increasing tax burden on “we the people” who will pay for all of this!! 

We are convinced that a more vocal and active role in current events is necessary by the citizens in order to stop the rapid advance of laws and bureaucracy that will “change” our country into something we don’t recognize. 

Our purpose, as stated above, is to help inform, educate, and encourage others to participate and stand with us in support of the principles and rights so wisely written into our great Constitution of the United States. 

We consider ourselves to be Patriots . . . and we are Paying Attention!